A crowd-inspired book writing experiment 

I’m changing the way books are written and released and giving you my book for free as I finish each chapter. You’re invited to join me as I write about the principles for building a life, and a brand along the way in my new book. Human Always.

Watch the story behind the idea

a new book from Justin Keller

I decided I’m going to release my new book, Human Always, chapter by chapter as I write it. Oh, and I’m giving it away for free? Did I mention, you get to contribute to chapters and maybe end up in the printed book when it’s finished? And going into week one, all I have is an outline, some ideas, and no chapters have been written. It’s a crazy experiment, but I’m ready if you are. Ha, this should be fun.

Human Always is a raw and vulnerable attempt to challenge the way we think about building our businesses, churches, and maybe even our lives. It’s never been more critical than now to fight against facades and manufactured perfect people and brands. They don’t last. If we’re going to build lives, and brands, that create meaningful connections and lasting impact; we have to be human always.

“I’ll never write a book.” “I’ll never have my own business.” “I’ll never run a marathon.” “I don’t have ADD.” Yes, I am the author of all of those statements, but for some reason life has proven all of those things wrong (and more). I’m an accidental branding expert known for great slogans and even better dad jokes ;). You can learn about my last book (Rebel Brands), my business (Circlefifty), and other pursuits at, or just sign up to get this book and you’ll learn more about me than you bargained for.

Create more meaningful connections, lasting impact, and be human always

about the book

justin keller writing in a journal
A More Human Way

Human Always was birthed out of a personal necessity shortly after starting my business. I was facing issues on all fronts that I never imagined would be my reality. I was no longer a church staffer. I wasn’t able to rely on the remnants of my childhood faith anymore. And it was in that season where I started to become human again.

That season opened my eyes and changed the way that I approached my life, and it changed the way that I viewed what it takes to build a great church, business, or dream of any type. Because while most people will say, “it’s not personal, it’s just business,” I started to see that that everything is personal and it all revolves around humans — always.

Although I don’t know exactly how this story will end, I do know that if we’re going to create meaningful connections and make a lasting impact, we have to get better at being human with each other — always. So this book is all about exploring the principles it takes to build a better life and a brand along the way. I’m looking forward to learning from you along the way too.

Alright, you’re not a writer? That’s fine. If you are human, you can help.

you know I’m going to need it ;)

how it works

Don’t worry, you don’t have to pull all-nighters. All I need from you is your thoughts on how this connected with you each week. If you’re feeling generous, you’ll have the chance to add ideas for future chapters.

Each week the chapter will be delivered to your inbox, along with a link to go and fill out your thoughts and ideas. Other than email, hopefully, you’re chatting with me and others on social media during the whole experiment.

Merry Christmas! As long as everything stays on track, you’ll receive the last chapter the week before Christmas. Hard copies will be printed and for sale at the start of 2019.

Anyone willing. No seriously — anyone willing. But I do think it’ll connect best with the pastor who is tired of doing things the way things have always been don, the business owner who wants to feel the passion they once did when they started, or those leading teams marketing and creative teams.

Besides the free digital book, I’ll be working on some other ways to thank you for being a part of this crazy idea with me.

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